Taking the kids to Liberty Center!

Liberty Center

As most of you know by now, Liberty Center is a relatively new shopping and entertainment destination located north of Cincinnati, in Liberty Township. Brit and I always enjoy our visits here, as there are a wide variety of restaurants, stores, and entertainment options.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to take the kids to Liberty Center, and we had a blast. Now the idea of taking two kids shopping is probably not your idea of “fun” and I’m sure your kids would agree as well. That is why we spent our time at this amazing section of Liberty Center, The Cincinnati Children’s Discovery Center. This area offers a variety of fun activities for kids and adults. It is more than a traditional play area; there are several fun, yet educational activities for kids.

Although this area of Liberty Center is rather large, it can get rather congested during peak times (primarily weekends). We went early in the day on Saturday and we almost had the place to ourselves, which was nice. Even when it is crowded, it can still be enjoyable as long as the “big kids” play nice with the little ones.

TIP: If this section of Liberty Center is your primary reason for the visit, I’d recommend parking in the lot right by DICK’S sporting goods, then walk through the store, and the Discovery Center will be on your left when you exit. The food court is right there as well, which is convenient. More importantly, there are several bathroom lounges within a short walking distance to make bathroom breaks, diaper changes, and feedings very easy and comfortable (the bathrooms have comfy chairs and ottomans!). I suppose you could also take a nap in one of the comfy bathroom chairs, but that would be a little weird.

To learn more about this fun piece of Liberty Center visit their website and check out the photos below.

Leave a comment below if you’ve been to Liberty Center already, or if you’re planning to go soon!

Liberty Center - Ohio

Liberty Center

Liberty Center

Liberty Center

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