Whalen’s Woodshop

Whalen's Woodshop

It is always fun to see a friend start their own business. Coming from an entrepreneurial background, I can really appreciate the time and effort that it takes to successfully launch a business, even if it is a side business. I know several people that have built very successful businesses, but today I’d like to highlight a good friend of mine – Travis Whalen and his business, Whalen’s Woodshop.

I met Travis several years ago when he was a pastor of the church we went to at the time. From the start, it was clear that Travis was a cool dude. As time went on, my family and Travis’ family became closer – because they’re all amazing as well. Flash forward to today, we’re both in different places. Travis moved to Kentucky to be the Next Generation Pastor at Lakeside Christian Church and although we don’t see him or his family as much anymore, we’re still pretty tight on social media!

Fairly recently, Travis started his side business and he is creating some really cool stuff. Learn more about Travis and Whalen’s Woodshop here¬†or visit their Etsy shop.

Kudos to Travis and all of the other dads out there who balance a job, family, and everything else!

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