What’s on the Christmas list?


Buying something for a loved one has always been one of my favorite things to do. Oddly enough, receiving presents is not one of my favorite experiences (there are plenty of stories to tell, but I’ll leave that alone for now). With that in mind, Christmas time always brings several opportunities to show your love for someone through the act of gift giving. Fortunately, I get to enjoy this experience with Brit, as we both really enjoy buying [way too much] stuff for the kids!

What is your kid asking for this year?

Click on the image below to view the top toys on Amazon this year. View parent picks, kids picks, the top 100 toys, and more!

If you’re still struggling for ideas, a simple Google search can return some great places to start, like this one – 100+ Best Christmas Gift Ideas.

Of course, the gift giving experience is only a small piece of what it means to celebrate Christmas. This time of year is always one of my favorites because it allows me to spend extra time with the people I love most, and that is a gift that can not be purchased. Wishing a happy holiday season to everyone!

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