Winter Family Photos

Dad blog - Christmas photos

As a couple of people with iPhones that have maxed out storage (64GB at that), it is safe to say that we love taking pictures of our kids. Thanks to our external hard drive and Dropbox account, we’re able to have tens of thousands of photos archived, which helps our peace of mind when deleting photos off of our iPhones (it is still really hard, though!).

Although we love taking pictures of our kids, it is hard to capture great pictures of all of us together. Recently, we enlisted the help of some good friends, Katie and Shay, of Bird and Rose Photography to take winter photos of our family. We LOVED how these turned out – even though the weather that day was not very friendly (it was bitterly cold and wet). As some of you may know, these pictures were used for our Christmas cards this year. As few of you may know, we have some of these displayed in our home too!

View some of our favorites below and if you’re in need of some family photos, contact Katie today.

Location: Big Tree Plantation

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